Q: How often do I need to log in to my MSCJ program course each week?

It is recommended that students stay active within the course shell on Canvas. The number of times may vary depending on the course, but students should log into the site at least three times per week.

Q: Do I have to log in to work on my MSCJ courses at specific times of the day?

No. The coursework within the online MSCJ is mainly asynchronous, meaning that there are no set meeting times unless special arrangements are made with the instructor.

Q: How many classes can students take at a time?

We recommend that students take no more than two courses per eight-week term. Students who complete courses at this pace will complete the degree in one year.

Q: How quickly can I expect my instructor to answer any question I may have?

Your instructor will typically respond to your questions within 24–48 hours of receiving your message sent through Canvas or email. If for some reason they are traveling or this may be an issue, you will be notified by your professor in advance. Most professors respond within hours.

Q: If needed, am I allowed to take a leave of absence (LOA) from the online MSCJ program?

Yes. To request a leave of absence, you must contact the dean of students and fill out a LOA form. Once you are ready to re-join the program, you must complete a re-enrollment form and meet with the dean of students.

Q: Am I required to complete the program within a certain time frame?

No. The program is designed for student flexibility and allows you to take courses at your own pace. As long as you stay in good standing with the University, you may to complete the program in your time frame.

Q: Is a GRE exam score required for admission?

No. Students do not have to take the GRE in order to be admitted into the program.

Q: Do you accept international students?

Yes. See our International Students page for more information and admission requirements.

Q: Can a student transfer in credits?

Yes, students can transfer in a maximum of 9 credits of approved graduate coursework.

Q: What’s the withdrawal and refund policy for the program?

Once a student is registered, they must contact the registrar in writing to notify them of their intention to drop a class or classes. Our withdrawal and refund policy is as follows:

  • Withdraw before classes begin: Eligible for a full refund.
  • Withdraw after the start of the program through the first week of the program: Eligible for a 90% refund.
  • Withdraw after the first week of the program: Not eligible for refund.

Q: What are the technical requirements for the online MSCJ?

Basic requirements:

All students must have reliable access to a computer. Learners must also have the opportunity to utilize this computer for extended periods each day of the week.

A minimum 56 Kbps modem or faster connection to the Internet is required. A high-speed broadband connection (DSL or Cable) is highly recommended.

Microsoft Office is the only supported office suite at Lynn University. Students must be proficient in Microsoft Word and must have the ability to view and create Microsoft Office files. Lynn University does not support Microsoft Works or WordPerfect.

Minimum computer system requirements:

  • PC (Windows Based)
    • Processor:
      • Minimum: Pentium III (3) or equivalent, 700-MHz
      • Recommended: Pentium IV, 2.2-GHz or better.
    • Memory (RAM):
      • Minimum: 512 MB
      • Recommended: 2 GB+
    • Operating System:
      • Minimum: Windows XP Home or Pro, Service Pack 2
      • Recommended: Windows Vista or Windows 7 with Service Pack 1
  • Apple
    • Processor: iMac or G series
    • Memory (RAM):
      • Minimum: 2GB
      • Recommended: 4GB
    • Operating System: Mac OS X 10.6 or above

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